Documentation & Exam Forms

Depicted is a list of important documents and forms related to the DSS office.

The Exam Accommodation form is essential for students who wish to use our services in order to take course related exams and/or quizzes.

Students need to:

  1. Fill out Part 1 of the accommodation form and give it to the professor.
  2. Email; your name, course title, professor’s name and time of test.
  3. Come to the front desk of the AEC 5 minutes prior to your exam and tell them you are here to take an accommodated test.

Scheduling of an exam/quiz should preferably done one week prior to exam/quiz date.

Please fill out an form for each individual text and include receipt or proof of purchase. Students must also complete an Electronic Text Distribution Agreement. Requests may be emailed to or delivered to Parmer 010C.

(.docx, 29K)

Please fill out the Electronic Text Distribution Agreement and submit along with your Alternate Text Request Form. Texts cannot be retrieved without an agreement form.

(.docx, 16K)