Savings & Choices

No two students study or learn the same way. That's why we offer the convenience and flexibility to let you decide how, when and where you want to obtain your textbooks and course materials. Whatever you choose, Stepan Bookstore has course materials that fit your needs and budget.
Your Choice: Textbook Format.
If you want to keep your textbook for reference, especially if it is for a course in your major, purchasing a new or used book is likely the best fit. If the book is for a Gen Ed class, you may not need it later, and rental will provide you with the lowest up-front cost. If you prefer a lighter backpack, want the option to take notes right in the text and to network with other students using the book, you may prefer to have a digital book.
Your Choice: Where to Shop.
Every textbook available in the store can be ordered online and picked up at the store, saving you the cost of shipping. Our online store is also available in a mobile website, allowing you to shop from virtually anywhere with your cellphone. If you prefer to shop in the store, one of our employees will be happy to help you find everything you need.