At the WID, it is our job to constantly be in the loop of things, and it is our promise to others to keep them in the “know-how” of exciting University happenings. We like to see ourselves as dedicated and knowledgeable professional staff and student agents that are always at the cutting edge of information, and eager to help others stay involved and connected to the University.


Think of the WID as one’s concierge to the University embraced with the Caritas Veritas spirit.


Not only can the WID be reached in-person at both the Main and Priory locations, but by any on-campus phone by dialing “0” to be greeted with “Campus Connection”.


As a WID agent, it is always our delight to introduce the Dominican community to the wide array of opportunities and resources available to them. In return of course, we hope that they would nominate us for the prestigious five star award for service!