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Community-based Learning Courses

Spring 2018CPSC 299.70COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING CBL12241.00Janet E. HelwigMain Campus BY ARRANGEMENT01/10/2018-05/03/2018
Spring 2018EDUC 200.01FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION CBL10353.00Jacquelyn Benchik-OsborneMain Campus MWF 11:30AM-12:20PM01/10/2018-05/03/2018
Spring 2018MATH 299.70COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING CBL4101.00Jeanette MokryMain Campus BY ARRANGEMENT01/10/2018-05/03/2018
Spring 2018NUTR 299.70COMMUNITY-BASED LEARNING CBL17251.00Eric P. MeredithMain Campus BY ARRANGEMENT01/10/2018-05/03/2018
Spring 2018PSYC 215.01CHILD PSYCHOLOGY / COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING CBL14253.00Kathleen P. O'ConnorMain Campus MWF 10:30AM-11:20AM01/10/2018-05/03/2018
Spring 2018SJCE 299.70COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING CBL2101.00MaDonna ThelenMain Campus BY ARRANGEMENT01/10/2018-05/03/2018
Spring 2018SOC 299.01SERVICE LEARNING / YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CBL1201.00Michelle M. VanNattaMain Campus BY ARRANGEMENT01/10/2018-05/03/2018
Spring 2018SPAN 192.70ACCELERATED SPANISH FOR / HERITAGE SPEAKERS II CBL15204.00Martha . MaroldaMain Campus MWF 8:30AM-9:20AM 01/10/2018-05/03/2018
   15204.00Martha . MaroldaMain Campus M 9:30AM-10:20AM01/22/2018-05/03/2018
   15204.00Martha . MaroldaMain Campus First lab session on Wednesday, 1/0901/10/2018
Spring 2018SPAN 202.01INTERMEDIATE SPANISH II / COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING CBL4204.00Jenna Leving JacobsonMain Campus MWF 11:30AM-12:20PM01/10/2018-05/03/2018
   4204.00Jenna Leving JacobsonOnline Hybrid Course--Face-to-Face and On-Line01/10/2018-05/03/2018
Spring 2018SPAN 231.01MC SPAN LANG CULT FOR HERIT SPEAKER / COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING CBL9204.00Martha . MaroldaMain Campus MWF 11:30AM-12:20PM01/10/2018-05/03/2018
   9204.00Martha . MaroldaMain Campus F 12:30PM-1:20PM 01/10/2018-05/03/2018