These criteria must be met by the time of application to clinical practice, which is the beginning of the semester prior to clinical practice.

* Evidence that all education courses up to clinical practice will be completed prior to the beginning of the clinical practice semester

* Minimum grade of C- in all courses presented for licensure

* Pass the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) or receive a score of at least 22 on the ACT Plus Writing or a composite score of 1110 on the SAT evidence-based reading, writing + mathematics. Click here for more information.

* Evidence of a passing score on the appropriate Illinois State Board of Education Content Test. For the content test for each program, see the bottom of this page. The test must be passed by June of the preceding year for Spring Clinical Practice and by November of the preceding year for Fall Clinical Practice. ISBE mandates that teacher candidates can’t begin student teaching until the complete content test is passed.

* Documentation that 100 clock hours of field experience will be completed no later than the semester prior to clinical practice

* Cumulative education and major GPA of 2.75

* Approval of the candidate’s education adviser

* Successful completion of the Student Teaching Application


The following steps are required for application to student teaching:

  • Informational meetings for students who wish to apply for clinical practice are held early in the semester prior to the semester in which they desire to student teach.  Watch the SOE My DU home page for exact meeting dates.  
  • The application  process for clinical practice will be discussed at the informational meetings.  Meeting attendance is a requirement for anyone wishing to student teach the following semester. There is a $50 fee which is due at the time of application. 
  • If students are unsure about whether they are ready to student teach, they should arrange a meeting with their advisor as soon as possible to discuss plans and requirements.   
  • Late applications for clinical practice cannot be accepted.  Please make note of the application due dates listed on the first page of the application form.  
  • Download the Clinical Practice Handbook on the handouts page


Content tests by program:

To register for content tests, go to the Illinois Licensure Testing System Website

Content tests required for each program are listed below:

  • Early Childhood Education - 206
  • Elementary Education - 197-200
  • K-12 Visual Arts - 145
  • K-12 Modern Foreign Language - French 252, Italian 130, Spanish 260
  • Secondary Education/Biology - 105
  • Secondary Education/Chemistry - 106
  • Secondary Education/English Language Arts - 207
  • Secondary Education/History - 246
  • Secondary Education Mathematics - 208
  • Special Education - 155 & 163