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If a course reaches capacity and allows waitlisting, students may elect to add themselves to the waitlist for no more than one section of each course:

  • It is allowable to be enrolled in only one section of a course and on the waitlist for no more than one other section
    (for students who register in advance for more than one semester, this restriction applies across all semesters)
  • For LAS seminars, this rule applies to the entire level (e.g. a student can register for one 200-level seminar and waitlist for no more than one other 200-level seminar)
  • For cross-listed courses, this restriction includes any other section that is in a cross-listed relationship with the waitlisted course section (e.g. a student who is on the waitlist for SOC 110 at 9:30am MWF cannot also waitlist for AMST 110 at 1:00pm TR because AMST 110 is cross-listed with SOC 110)
  • This restriction does not apply to variable topics courses – different courses that use the same numbers – that are designated as such in the course description

The Office of the Registrar will monitor enrollment for students who are waitlisted for more than one section of a course; students will be dropped from the waitlist(s) of all but the last (i.e. most recent) section for which they waitlisted.

As seats become available, students will be moved from the waitlist onto the class list in the order that they were added to the waitlist (unless an alternative priority is noted in the course listing). A student will be notified that he or she has been added to the class list through his or her Dominican email account.

A student can review his or her position on the waitlist by following this link.