Dominican University reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any student whose behavior undermines the academic or social purposes, safety or order of the campus community. Disciplinary action is usually initiated by a written complaint or report submitted by any member of the Dominican community or guest. While it is possible to submit an anonymous report, an individual filing a report is encouraged to include his/her name on the report in order to expedite a disciplinary inquiry. Reports can be filed with the Office of the Dean of Students, Public Safety or Residence Life.

The following types of misconduct, whether committed by a student or his or her guests, are only examples and not exhaustive of the kinds of behavior subject to student disciplinary action. In addition to university regulations, all federal, state and municipal laws must be obeyed. All policy violations will be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students.

  1. Threat or cause of physical or psychological abuse to others.

  2. Harassment or the infringement of the rights of another person.

  3. Engaging in any action or series of actions with specific intent to intimidate or harass another person because of that person’s gender, age, race, color, marital status, order of protection status, religion, national origin, military status, medical condition, gender identity, ancestry, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, or sexual orientation. This includes but is not limited to any of the following: physical contact; damaging, destroying or defacing any personal property of another; or threatening by word (in person, on-line, text messaging, etc.) or act to do the preceding. See One Process Policy.

  4. Interference with activities at or sponsored by the university. Activities include special events and the normal daily operation of the institution.

  5. Academic dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism, forgery, misuse or falsification of university documents or official papers, or dishonest acts.

  6. Theft or damage to university or individual property, or known possession of stolen property.

  7. Theft or misuse of services of any kind.

  8. Commercial solicitation, which is not permitted on campus except by recognized student organizations and athletic teams and approved by the Office of the Dean of Students.

  9. Failure to appropriately comply with the directions of a university official and/or with the policies and procedures of any official university document and/or processes.

  10. Unauthorized entry to or inappropriate use of university premises, facilities or property.

  11. Misuse of fire safety equipment; setting fires; failure to evacuate the building during a fire alarm or violation of any fire safety policy. Any open flame or burning substances such as candles, incense, etc., are not allowed. Using emergency exits in non-emergencies is prohibited.

  12. Possession or use of fireworks, firearms, weapons or explosive devices.

  13. Demonstrations that are disorderly or disruptive. 

  14. Use, possession, manufacturing, selling or distribution of any illegal drug; possession of any device or property used in connection with illegal drugs. Please see the Alcohol and Drug Policy for further clarification.

  15. Possession of alcohol by individuals under 21 is prohibited. See the Alcohol and Drug Policy for further clarification.

  16. Students are expected to abide by the federal laws and the laws of the State of Illinois prohibiting illegal gambling. See the Gambling Policy for further clarification.

  17. Students must carry their student ID card at all times. The student ID card must be presented and/or surrendered at any time it is requested by a university official, including Coughlin Commons Resource Desk Attendants. During an alleged policy violation, students must present their Dominican University ID card when asked by a university official (this includes Resident Assistants). Falsifying, changing or altering any data or knowingly providing false information on the student identification card, or other documents issued by the prohibited.

  18. All acts of hazing by any individual student and university registered student club or organization and any of its members or alumnae/i are prohibited. See Hazing Policy.

  19. Behavior that causes disturbance or distress to the university community.

  20. Smoking and tobacco products are prohibited in all university buildings and on all university property.

  21. Breaking any local, state or federal law either on or off campus.

  22. Violation of any policy or regulation contained in the Student Handbook, Student Involvement Manual, Residence Hall Housing Contract and Guidelines, IT Acceptable Use Policy, or any other publication of the university.

  23. Violation of the university Guest Responsibility and Visitation Policy.

  24. Loud and/or inappropriate noises are prohibited. Residential students must comply with the quiet and courtesy hours in the residence halls.