The following is the university posting policy enforced by the Office of the Dean of Students.

  1. General Guidelines
    1. Publicity can be posted only on designated bulletin boards, limited to 23 posters, including the Priory Campus. An additional 20 fliers may be given to Residence Life to be posted in the Residence Halls.
    2. Publicity may not be posted on any doors, doorways, windows or walls.
    3. Publicity must be posted on bulletin boards using a push pin or staple. Do not use tape on the bulletin boards.
    4. Publicity must be in good taste and professional looking. 
    5. Only post one poster per bulletin board.
    6. Publicity is to be removed within 24 hours after the event by the sponsoring department/organization. Removing your outdated publicity will reduce the problem of space limitations. 
    7. Publicity may not be posted over existing approved publicity.
    8. All publicity will be permitted to be posted for a 14-day period.After that time, the publicity must be removed or re-approved by the Office of Student Involvement or Office of the Dean of Students.
    9. Publicity that is posted incorrectly will be removed and discarded.
    10. All publicity must state “Sponsored by your organization/department” and “For more information contact (708) xxx-xxxx/”
    11. Additional guidelines are below for student organizations, departments and off-campus postings.
  2. Posting Areas

    There are specific posting areas on campus for Dominican University-sponsored events/activities. Publicity may only be posted on these bulletin boards. Any publicity found posted inappropriately will be removed immediately. The following is a list of bulletin boards where approved publicity may be posted. Each bulletin board is designated as an on-campus posting area.

    Fliers are not to be posted in the Banner/Large Poster areas.  Fliers from these areas will be removed and recycled.

    • “L”- on the bulletin board near the bookstore
    • Lower Level of the Crown Library – next to the elevator
    • Lower Level of Lewis Hall – near Technology Center
    • Center Lewis Stairwell – on bulletin boards only
    • Parmer Hall - bulletin boards by elevator on first floor, bulletin board by vending machine on first floor, bulletin board in North entrance foyer
    • Parking Garage - both stairwells
    • Fine Arts Building – first floor by the copier
    • Lower Level Student Center – bulletin board at the bottom of the stairwell from the Clock Lobby to the Underground
    • MAC – second floor near 210
    • Priory Campus – first and second floor bulletin boards

    The following are NOT approved areas: South and North Stairwells in Lewis; Lewis Alcove; Social Hall; Clock Lobby; Cyber Café Pillars; Cyber Café entrance (between sliding glass doors); Parmer Hall Atrium, Parmer stairwells and doors; lockers; elevators; bathrooms/bathroom stalls; floors; sidewalks.  
  1. Banner/Large Poster Policy
    Due to the limited space available to post large publicity, large publicity/banners will be posted for no more than seven days. Fliers are not to be posted in the Banner/Large Poster areas. 

    The following are approved areas for posting banners:
    • Dining Hall
    • Lower Level of Crown Library or Lower Level of Lewis Hall (publicity may only be in one of these locations)
    • Dining Hall at Priory

    All banners and large posters must be posted using masking tape. All banners must be stamped/approved; otherwise, it will be removed and recycled. 
  1. Table Tents
    Table tents may be displayed in the Dining Hall, Cyber Café, and Priory Dining Hall. Table tents must follow the guidelines outlined in section one. All student organization table tents must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Involvement. Table tents for departments must be approved by the Dean of Students officeFliers on tables do not constitute table tents and will be removed and discarded.

    Information may also be placed on the "Things to DU" table tent that is distributed each week. To have your information placed on the "Things to DU" table tent please contact the Office of Student Involvement at
  1. Clubs and Organizations
    • The Office of Student Involvement must stamp all advertising: posters, fliers, banners, table tents and other similar notices.
    • Publicity must state “Sponsored by your organization.” Also, you should always include: “For more information contact (708) xxx-xxxx.”
    • Publicity will not be approved if all necessary paperwork is not completed and the event/activity has not been approved.
    • A club or organization found to be in violation of these guidelines will be sanctioned as appropriate.
  1. University Departments/Offices
    Publicity that is posted by a university department or office does not need to be approved/stamped, with the exception of Banners and Table Tents. It is the responsibility of the department to follow the guidelines outlined in section one which includes the posting and removal of publicity. Publicity that does not follow the guidelines will be removed and discarded. All publicity must state:  “Sponsored by your department” and “For more information, contact (708) xxx-xxxx.”

    Publicity can only be posted for 14 days.
  1. Non-Dominican University Events, Jobs, Items for Sale
    • All non-Dominican University publicity must be approved through the Office of the Dean of Students.
    • There are only two bulletin board areas on the Main Campus for non-Dominican University items on the main campus: lower level of Lewis Hall near the Vending Machines and the L (near the computer kiosks) and one bulletin board at the Priory Campus.
    • Fliers will only be posted for 14 days.


If you would like to request an exception to this policy, a written request must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students 14 days in advance.