The Survey was open from November 16 - December 20th.  We received 230 responses of which 4.4 % were faculty, 15.4% staff and 80.2% students.  The following is a summary of the results.
Percentage of respondents in the satisfied to extremely satisfied range
Layout               68.2      
Functionality      71.7     
Colors               61        
Ease of Use      68.5   
Wish List:
  • Updated colors / pictures
  • Change to social media area
  • More events / master calendaring

Percentage of respondents in the satisfied to extremely satisfied range
Layout                 64         
Functionality        68        
Colors                 56.5      
Ease of Use        63.8   
Wish List:
  • Updated colors
  • Bring back quick links
  • Audit content so that it is meaningful and useful

What did people like?
  • The rebranding Campus News and myDU as two separate sites
  • The weather!
  • Elimination of links opening to new windows
  • “Signature Space” image area

Thank you to all who particpated in the Campus News / myDU survey!  Your feedback is appreciated will be used for future consideration. 

Those who were interested were entered in a raffle for 2 - $25 increments of DU dollars and an Asus Netbook.  We are pleased to announce the following winners:

Joshua R.        $25 DU Dollars
Kaitlyn K.          
$25 DU Dollars
Hannah M.        Asus Netbook


Save the Date! February 11th!

In response to our recent survey results, the Information Technology Department will be implementing the following changes effective February 11, 2011.
Campus News:
  • Small accents / formatting
  • Social media area will be smaller and moved under the "signature space" image area
  • The news / events columns will be extended to include more items on the page
  •  Submit News feature will now require a user to include a summary (to help standardize the way the news/announcements appear)
  • Updated home page information
  • "Quick Links" for  Course search, Faculty/Staff search, and Campus News

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please be sure to contact the help desk at 708-524-6888 or