What is our Fax number?

I can’t get into my e-mail from off-campus.

  • Have you entered your ENTIRE e-mail address into the username box?
  • Are you using IE? It is the preferred browser.
  • Are you using a PC or Mac? It will not work with AOL on a PC. You need to minimize AOL and launch Internet Explorer (IE or the blue E icon)
  • When using a Mac, be sure to use the latest version of Safari; you can use FireFox or IE for Mac.
  • Try lowering your security settings to medium.
  • If none of these solutions work contact the HelpDesk your password may need to be reset.

I’ve submitted my application for a Network e-mail account/web drive an hour ago and I can’t get in. Please allow 48 hours to set up and account or web drive.

How do I get into remote desktop?
Start-> All Programs –> accessories –> communications-> remote desktop-> Type in name of computer (adminex1, cists, crownlabts, etc.) log in normally.

My computer is frozen, won’t get through startup, mouse not moving, keyboard not typing, etc.
Do a hard reboot. Press and hold power button down about 10 seconds until it powers off, leave it off for a minute and restart it.

Where are the wireless access points?
Wireless access is available in Parmer Hall, the Rebecca Crown Library, Technology Center, and the Grill.