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We're off for the summer! Have a wonderful break, and keep thinking green!
To view Dominican University's own recycling and sustainability efforts, green projects, recycling procedures, and more, visit Dominican's sustainability page. It is filled with a lot of great GREEN information that all Dominican environmental enthusiasts should know.
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Abstract and everyday uses for dryer sheets...some that you would never have thought of!
(.docx, 12K)
This is a flyer that has the locations of where you can drop-off recyclable products in the city of Chicago.
(.pdf, 446K)


This is an energy saving search engine that is the same as Google.  Less energy is used to produce a black screen than to produce a white one.  Just add this to your bookmarks or favorites and with each search you do, you are saving our planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the Low Carbon Diet website.  The interactive seminar on Global Warming that we will be hosting in Feburary is based off of this book, and the ideas found on this website.  Educate yourselves!
This is a super cool website about science, here you can learn more about global warming and other enviormental concerns.
Keep updated on the latest news and policies regarding global warming and the environment.
World Watch Institute has great news reports about Green policies and research being done.
Be sure to check out the Eye on Earth section!!!!
For up to date information about living green in a creative and economic way check out this website.
You can rent your textbooks from this website so you don't have to buy them.  Also they plant a tree for every book you rent from them.  This is a great opportunity to save money and help the environment!!!!
This is the Power Shift website were you can find the Power Shift agenda, registration, general info, and more. Check it out!
Read up on some ways to help make your home more energy efficient.