Faculty and Staff are encouraged to report any type of behavior or threat of behavior that could potentially harm members of the Dominican University community. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • e-mails
  • electronic class postings
  • list serves
  • blogs
  • assignments
  • social on-line networking sources
Even if the incident may seem minor, it is important to inform the ACT so members of the team can consolidate the various possible pieces of information received regarding concerning behaviors from different segments of the Dominican University community. In order to best keep lines of communication open to best protect the Dominican University community safe, the ACT recommends that faculty or staff member never make a promise of confidentiality to a student.

In the case of a suicide threat or attempt, we advise faculty and staff members to call the emergency number (911 or x5999 on a Dominican campus phone) so authorities can take immediate precautions to protect the safety the Dominican University community. 

Training and Education

The ACT will provide educational materials available for faculty and staff during faculty and staff training with the goal of helping all learn to more effectively manage difficult campus situations.  As more information becomes available, the members of the ACT will post on the information on the website.