The Assessment and Care Team has established these guidelines for their work, and will  update or alter these procedures, as needed:



  • The ACT will meet on a regular basis to review possible concerns submitted in person or by way of the online reporting form.
  • In addition to the regularly scheduled meeting times, the ACT will meet when a possible threat is identified that requires immediate assessment. After notification, the ACT will assess the behavior reported and act accordingly. 
  • For each concern, the ACT will assess the potential danger, explore possible outcomes of various approaches to managing the possible concern/threat, and then implement a plan.
  • After the plan is implemented, the team will be responsible for coordinating follow-up to insure that the threat has been appropriately managed.
  • Record of all ACT incidents, plans, and follow-ups will be maintained in confidential files.
  • The team recognizes and respects that certain members of the University community will have legal and ethical limitations on information that may be shared when discussing a concern. It is the responsibility of each team member to exercise his or her best professional judgment in determining what information may be shared.
  • All members of the ACT will maintain confidentiality of all persons involved unless it is necessary to notify or consult with others in which their input would be necessary to the resolution of a specific behavioral concern. Members of the ACT will balance the need to protect the individual and/or group and the safety concerns of the Dominican community. In all cases, safety of the individual and group has priority over confidentiality.
  • The ACT meets as needed to review campus issues, and, if needed, revise the policies and procedures under which it operates.


IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, AT ANY TIME, CONTACT CAMPUS SAFETY IMMEDIATELY AT 708-524-5999. The office is available 24 hours a day to dispatch emergency calls. The Dispatcher will engage the necessary protocol or emergency response.