Mission Statement

Dominican University defines a safe and secure campus by staffing engaged, committed Campus Safety Officers who are dedicated to the well-being of our students and the campus community. Our officers are a friendly, visible presence 24/7 whose role is to help guide our students as they navigate university life, to act as first responders in emergencies and to help protect people and property while maintaining excellent, genuine customer service.

Our students and community members also play a key role in a safe and secure campus. Keep yourself and your belongings safe. If you “See Something, Say Something”.


Responsibilities and Authority

What Campus Safety is

Dominican University is served by Dominican University Campus Safety Department, which is responsible for the reporting of all campus crimes and our compliance with the Student Right-To-Know Act and the Campus Security Act. Campus Safety, located in the north end of the first floor of the parking garage, is staffed by full-time professional security personnel and is augmented by student personnel. The officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day 365 days a year and have a central dispatch center that coordinates all emergency and non-emergency requests for service. The Campus Safety dispatch phone number is (708) 524-5999.


Rights and privileges of security officers

Security officers are an unarmed informational force and have jurisdiction in all areas of campus. They are in direct communication with the police and fire departments of River Forest, IL and call upon their assistance when needed. Campus Safety may enter all public buildings including the residence halls at any time while on duty and may call for the detainment of trespassers or persons involved in criminal activities.


School Closings

Information will be available by 6:30am or 3:30 pm through the following:

Listen to the radio---AM 720 WGN

www2.dom.edu and my DU

Email to all DU accounts             

Emergency Notification message (you sign up to receive via text, email, Facebook and/or Twitter)

Call the switchboard at 708-366-2490


Text Messaging Sign-Up

Emergency Text Message Sign-up

Dominican University has implemented an Emergency Notification System. This system allows Dominican to send SMS messages (text messages) to the registered recipients.

If you wish to receive notifications on university emergencies and closings please login, and click here.