The printshop is equipped to conduct a wide variety of in-house printing services.  The Office Services team can provide faculty, sisters, and staff with a complete list of services, prices, and job tickets, as well as providing information and suggestions for completing the job as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Dominican University has a total of 20 machines on campus.
* 19 Main campus
* 2 Priory campus

Satellite Copier Locations available to faculty, staff and sisters (account # required)
#2 Lewis 3rd Floor
#4 Library 2nd Floor
#6 Lewis Hall 1st Floor
#7 Power Hall New Grill
#10 Fine Arts 1st Floor
#11 Fine Arts 3rd Floor
#12 Old Grill
#16 Outside Academic Enrichment Center
#17 Center for Teaching and Leadership Excellence
#18 Parmer 4th Floor outside School of Education
#19 Priory 1st Floor
#20 Priory 2nd Floor
#21 Parmer 2nd Floor (South East Wing)
Copiers available for public use (Coin Operated)
#26 Library 1st Floor
#13 Library Lower Level
Copier service calls can be made to ext. 6758

Sending Function

The send function enables you to send a scanned image, document data file, or send it by e-mail or i-fax.  A variety of file formats are supported (PDF, TIFF, JPEG), which offer you greater flexibility in accommodating digital workplace environments. 

Steps to scan and send as a PDF, TIFF, or JPEG

1.      Simply touch the Send tab located at the top of the main display screen

2.      Touch button relating to the way you are sending the document. (e-mail, i-fax, file)

3.      If you do not know recipients e-mail, touch the network address book button and enter first or last name.

4.      Touch the Start Searching button and wait for desired recipients name to come up.

5.      Select name from list and touch the OK tab.

6.      Choose format in which the document is to be sent. (PDF, TIFF, or JPEG)

7.      Select features wanted. (2 sided copy, B/W or Color ect...)

8.      Now load the document in top feeder and treat as if you were to make a copy.

9.      Hit start button and wait for the document to be sent.
Currently, Lower Level Lewis and Printshop copy machines are the only copiers with this capability.  If more help is needed, please feel free to contact us.
  1. A copy request form needs to be completed for every copy job submitted making it easier for the print shop operator to complete a job correctly.
  2. If submitting a job electronically, DO NOT forget to include account #, # of copies, and finishing requests. A confirmation email will be sent when job is completed or if any questions arise.
  3. This form can be found on the table located by the entrance to the mail room. (Crown 010)
  4. Please write down correct account #’s, if you don’t know it, please ask.
  5. Copy jobs will ALWAYS be done before due date
    Rush jobs accepted when time permits
  6. If requested, copy jobs are delivered when completed.  
  7. Any special requests, including specialty paper or finishing needs to be given ample time for job to be completed.  Customer is notified and given all information about copy request completion.
Copier Pricing
  • Convenience copiers charge $.07 per click
  • Printshop copiers charge $.05 per click
Finishing Prices

11 X 17 STOCK
$.50, $.75

Please contact Office Services for stationary prices such as copy paper, reams of letterhead and boxes of envelopes.
* Prices are subject to change because of fluctuations in mill prices.