Parking Policy 2018-2019

New policies are in effect for the 2018-2019 academic year for parking at Dominican University. You will have an opportunity to review these policies. Dominican University will now be issuing hang-tags instead of stickers.  Only one permit will be issued per person and can be moved between registered vehicles.  This hang tags must be hung from the rear-view mirror located on the front windshield of your registered vehicle.

This year there is an application process for receiving a parking permit.  Simply applying does not guarantee that a parking permit will be provided.  Parking permits will be available for pick-up or by mail through the United States Postal Service. You may be assigned a campus other than your requested campus based on availability and the time of your application. If you are assigned a campus other you’re your preference, you will have the option to withdraw parking permit application within three business days for a refund.

Payments can be made online with a debit or credit card or in person at Student Accounts with cash or check ONLY.

The cost of a parking permit is a flat rate based on the time length of parking and affiliation with the University. Parking permits include a time-based restriction and a full-day permit option.  Evening-only permits are valid for both campuses between 3:00pm – 2:00am. Full-day parking permits are valid for the assigned campus between the times purchased on the permit.

Annual Parking Permit Prices

                                            Evening-Only Permit            Full-Day Permit

Commuter Students                $30                                          $50

Resident/ Restricted                   N/A                                         $100

Faculty/Staff                           $30                                          $50

Adjunct Faculty                        $15                                          $25

Sisters                                     $0                                            $0


Individual Semester Parking Permit Prices (Fall, Spring or Summer)

                                            Evening-Only Permit            Full-Day Permit

Commuter Students                 $15                                          $25

Faculty/Staff                            $15                                          $25

Adjunct Faculty                        $10                                           $15

Sisters                                       $0                                            $0


Once an application is received and you have made your payment, a parking permit is non-refundable.  Replacement charges for lost, stolen or damaged permits are the full cost indicated in the tables above.  There are no discounts as a hang-tag can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.  A maximum of one hang-tag parking permit will be issued per enrolled student, faculty, sister and staff.

No further discounts are provided for any group, regardless of precedence.  Parking permits are not available for purchase by River Forest residents and other non-DU community members. 

Parking is enforced 24 hours a day for all University parking spaces. Only resident students, or registered guests with the appropriate hang-tag, may park on their respective campus from 2:00am to 6:00am, or with written authorization from Campus Safety.  After 10:00pm and before 2:00am, a valid permit (Evening, Full-Day, or Guest) is required to park on campus.

In-person permit pick is in the Support Center located in the lower level of Lewis Hall.  Please bring with you proof of purchase. Permits will not be sold without all information properly documented.   Permits must be visible at all times when your vehicle is on campus.


The University has 3 main parking lots and a parking garage on the Main Campus with additional parking inside the gate and front East Lot at the Priory Campus.  There is some restricted parking on both campuses. 

Main Restricted Permit—The main campus residents are allowed to park in the East lot only, closest to the Coughlin Commons area, unless otherwise directed by Public Safety.  Overnight guest parking can be registered at the Resident Check-in desk or with Public Safety.

Priory Restricted Permit—This is for residents assigned to the Priory for parking, whether living on main or priory campuses. Overnight parking should be inside the main gates at the Priory Campus.

General Permit: All Faculty, Staff and commuter students—Spaces for commuter students make up the bulk of the spaces on both campuses. Commuters are highly encouraged to park in the parking garage or the West lot and at the Priory Campus inside the gate or front East Lot.  Overnight parking from 2:00AM to 6:00 AM is prohibited.

The only restriction for main campus general permit holders will be a section of the EAST LOT reserved for main resident permit holders.

Campus Safety will be enforcing the 2am-6am overnight restriction for all vehicles including resident permits in all parking areas seven days a week.  Vehicles displaying proper overnight permits can only park in the East lots overnight. Vehicles not displaying a current resident permit that need to leave their vehicle on campus overnight must obtain a temporary overnight permit from Campus Safety or from the WID in Coughlin Commons. All other permit types and areas are restricted.

Roof level parking in the parking garage will only be allowed Monday through Friday 8am – 8pm.  Any vehicles parked outside of those hours will be ticketed.  Access to the roof level will be blocked outside of those hours.

Visitor parking is reserved for the parking of a non-student, non-faculty or a non-staff member.  Short-term visitor parking is defined as those visitors who plan to be on campus for two hours or less.  Short-term visitor parking is located around the “circle drive” in front of Lewis Hall on the Main Campus and East of the main entrance at the Priory Campus.  Long-term visitor parking is defined as those visitors who plan to park on campus for more than two hours.  Long-term visitors should not park in areas designated Visitor Parking. Long-term visitors should register for a temporary pass in Public Safety then park in any unrestricted parking spot on either campus. 

Dominican University Campus Safety is responsible for monitoring vehicle parking and ticketing violators on campus.  In addition, the River Forest Police Department regularly patrols the campus and will ticket all those violating local, state and federal laws.

Safety officers will ticket the following violations:

  • Vehicles without a valid permit.
  • Vehicles improperly parked in any lot, fire lanes, near fire hydrants, handicapped spots, loading docks, other restricted areas, and vehicles exceeding the speed limit.
  • River Forest Police also ticket violations in fire lanes, handicapped spaces, and near fire hydrants.

Additionally, any vehicle displaying a falsified permit, counterfeit permit, unregistered permit or an unauthorized copy of a permit will be considered in violation of the parking policy and will be ticketed.  This is also a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and Faculty/ Staff handbooks.

Parking enforcement is in effect 24 /7 and 365 days a year.  Parking at Dominican University is allowed by permit only, which includes both Main and Priory campuses. 

Any unpaid parking tickets will be charged to the student’s account and will be added to tuition bill if unpaid.  In the case of faculty/staff, unpaid tickets will be treated as a payroll deduction.

Please make check or money order out to Dominican University

Vehicles receiving a third outstanding ticket will have an orange tow warning sticker placed on the driver’s side window. This warning sticker is to inform the vehicle operator that the vehicle is eligible to be towed.  On the fourth violation, the vehicle will be ticketed and towed away at the owner’s expense.

STEP 1: The first step to requesting your parking permit is to complete the online application:


STEP 2: After completing the application form you can pay for a permit in one of two ways:

STEP 3: Please wait -- the hang-tags should arrive by 8/15.  If you selected to receive via mail, they will be mailed out later that week. If you are picking up, please bring a copy of your receipt with your Dominican ID Card to the Support Center (Lewis Hall - Room 048).


If you have any questions, please contact the Support Center at (708) 524-6888, by email at, through our website at, or by direct-messaging/following us @DUITSupport.

If students have existing credit line please see student accounts.