2.1: Parking Pass Requirements

All student, faculty, and staff vehicles must be registered with the IT Support Center. If a parking pass is damaged or destroyed, a replacement must be obtained for a fee.  The fee may be waived for extenuating circumstances including, but not limited to, the loss of a parking pass due to theft or vehicle damage.  Registration of a vehicle and possession of a parking pass or parking pass does not guarantee the registrant a parking space or any particular parking space in any particular lot on campus.   

Possession of an altered, forged, stolen, or unregistered permit will result in university sanctions.  Persons not affiliated with the university are not permitted to possess a Faculty/Staff, Resident, or Commuter Parking pass without the approval of the Department of Campus Safety. 


2.1(a) Purchasing a Parking Pass:

Permit Application Process

Step 1: Make an Online Payment for your parking permit through CashNet


Helpful Tips:

  • Save your e-receipt information sent to your email - you'll need to add your receipt number to your parking application before submitting. Don't readily see your e-receipt for your online parking permit payment, check your spam, clutter or junk folders.
  • Pay by e-check to avoid the 2.75% convenience fee for debit/credit card payments.
  • In-person payments/pick-up available starting Monday, August 24.


Step 2: Complete the Parking Permit Application through your MyDU account


Helpful Tips:

  • You'll need to log in using your Dominican credentials: username and password. Can't remember it or need to reset it, visit MyAccount, DU's self-service password management site.
  • Be sure to have your vehicle information including your license plate number readily available. 
  • Your application automatically saves as you go - thus, if you need to break from it, you can easily access it at a later time and pick up where you left off.
  • If you are picking up your permit on campus, please have your Dominican ID ready; it's required to receive a parking permit. Locations/Times of pick-up will be confirmed in mid-August.

For More Information

2.2: Proper Display of Parking Pass

Vehicle operators must obtain a parking pass and place it on the rearview mirror of their vehicle while on campus. If the pass cannot be displayed on the rearview mirror then it can alternatively be placed on the left hand side of the dashboard with the numbers visible. 

2.3: Vehicle Registration

All vehicles are required to be registered on campus.  Students must be registered for courses and possess a current student ID card in order to obtain a parking pass.  Resident students will only be permitted to register and keep one vehicle on campus at a time.  Parking passes may not be transferred to another vehicle without first registering the vehicle with The IT Support Center.    

2.4: University Contracted Employees/Affiliates

Employees of contracted services may apply for a General Parking Pass once they have received a university ID card from the Support Center.      

2.5: Visitor Permits

Those visiting campus for more than two hours may obtain Temporary Parking Pass from the Campus Safety Office. Visitor Day Passes and Temporary Parking Passes must be displayed face up on the dashboard. Individual departments are required to request guest passes at least 72 hours in advance by submitting a Support Center ticket online to Campus Safety.