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  • Bicycles are not required to be registered or display a parking permit; however, everyone is encouraged to register them with the River Forest Police Department as a precaution, in case of theft. 
    • Applications are available at the River Forest Village Hall or with Public Safety during normal business hours.
  • Bicycles are required to be parked in the bicycle racks provided by the University.
  • Bicycles are prohibited from being parked or left in areas that impede the means of access or egress from a building or effectively obstructs or constricts emergency access routes, driveways, loading zones, or walkways.
  • Prohibited locations for bicycles include, but are not limited to, stairways and hallways, classrooms in buildings, or access ramps for persons with disabilities.
  • Chaining or in some other manner connecting bicycles to handrails, trees or shrubbery is prohibited.
  • Bicycles parked in areas other than bike racks or left so that they constitute a safety hazard on campus may be impounded without warning. The university will not be responsible for any damage incidental to the removal process.