Temporary Parking Permit Policy

Temporary Parking Permits will only be issued if the form is completely filled out. They are to be placed on the front dashboard driver’s side face up and unblocked.

 If the permit is blank or unreadable you may receive a ticket!

It is against the universities code of conduct to alter the information on the temp permit. Doing so will result in a parking citation and the restriction of further temp permits.

Temporary permits are designed to temporarily allow a driver with a valid permit to use an alternate vehicle when theirs is unavailable in order to park on Dominican University property.

They are also available for visitors to use when there is no parking available in the Visitors Circle or they are on campus more than two hours.

Misuse of the temp permit system will restrict the issuance of temp permits to certain individuals, their guests and their vehicles.

All yearly permits are issued in the Support Center located in the lower level of Lewis Hall.



-available in the Office of Public Safety 24hrs a day

-dispatch is staffed in the office 24 hrs a day

-passes expire at midnight on the date of issuance



-only available in the Office of Public Safety during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm)

-passes expire at midnight of the expiration date



-available in the Office of Public Safety 24hrs a day

-overnight passes are only good until 8:00am of the expiration date.

-main campus overnight parking for guest’s vehicles is in the Greenfield Lot ONLY, the only vehicles allowed to park in the East Lot 2am-6am are main campus resident student vehicles with a valid permit.
-resident students must accompany their guest when registering overnight vehicle