Need help in Accounting I, Accounting II, Economics 190, or Economics 191, or Business Statistics?
Tutoring is available in the Academic Enrichment Center.  No appointment is necessary!
Matt Sarantopoulos is available at the following days and times:

      Monday: 9:30am-11:30am      
      Wednesday: 9:30am-11:30am 
      Friday: 9:30am-11:30am


  • Make an effort to do homework before coming in for help, and make sure to bring in all the material (notes, books, calculators, etc.)
  • Start on  midterm projects the very first week of class and on final projects at least 3 months in advance. Even if a student has a good idea for a project, he or she may have difficulty gathering the data and may be forced to change topic. 
  • Come see tutors in groups of 3-4 people when possible. Tutors will be able to spend more time with a group, provide better examples, and answer more questions.
  • During the lecture, ask questions at the very end of class, and WRITE DOWN what the instructor says. Even if the student is still unclear, the instructor's answer will help tutors address the issue.
  • Be respectful of others; if a student makes an appointment, he or she should show up or email the tutor ahead of time to cancel/reschedule. 
  • Help students with homework, research projects, and take-home tests by giving examples similar to problems.
  • Review some material that was covered in class and that students are struggling with.
  • Review chapters and practice problems in preparation for exams.
  • Help students with topics that serve as pre-requisites for classes and with which students are struggling
  • By request, inform an instructor of a student's use of tutoring services.


  • Do homework or projects for students.
  • Give students the answers to homework problems, unless an answer key has been already provided to by the instructor.
  • Be the instructor: tutoring is meant to be in addition to, not as a replacement of, in-class lectures.
  • Cover too much material at once.
  • Influence an instructor in any way (Tutors have no say whatsoever in matters of class schedules, syllabus, homework to be assigned, dates of exams, grades, etc.)