If you instruct a class in which there is already tutoring available, Learning Resources can provide the following for you:

  • Detailed feedback on a student's referral by a faculty member
  • A list of your class's users on a given assignment

If you feel that several students need tutoring in a particular area not currently provided, contact Peter Ploegman, director of Learning Resources at 708-524-6670 or via email at pploegman@dom.edu.

If you assign writing in any of your classes, you can refer your students to Learning Resources writing tutors. To ensure that they receive the necessary assistance, clearly instruct students to

  • Make an appointment well in advance
  • Bring a clear description of the assignment
  • Inform the tutor that his/her attendance is to be reported to the instructor
  • Allow time to make follow-up appointments
  • Bring a complete draft, if necessary.

Learning Resources writing tutors will

  • try to identify if the student is following the assignment or answering the question posed  
  • work on the introduction, thesis, and topic sentences to see if the essay reflects that structure and proves that point
  • work on paragraph organization, division, and cohesion, also taking note of transitions and flow between paragraphs
  • identify how students incorporate and cite information
  • point out the most blatant and reoccurring errors in grammar and punctuation  

One session does not ensure a “perfect” assignment, and tutors cannot guarantee grades. Also, as tutors have not necessarily taken your class, they can cover basic concepts, but they cannot be expected to determine whether or not a student has the “right answer.”