Why not earn a little extra money while helping others, deepening your knowledge in your major, and gaining valuable experience?
A tutor cannot and will not be expected to be an expert in a field, but a student will benefit by being a tutor.  First, a tutor will be able to refresh himself or herself in entry level subject matter, gain a fuller understanding of a subject by being prepared to help others understand it, and see learning in a new way.  Second, the experience gained by being a tutor is priceless, and it looks great on a resume.  Finally, you make a difference in a student's academic life. 
If you think that you have the knowledge and passion to serve Dominican by assisting others, then apply to become a tutor.
The first step in becoming a tutor is to ask a full-time professor in the field if tutoring is needed and if you would get his or her recommendation to be a tutor.  Next, have that instructor contact Bob Greenwald, Director of Learning Resources.  Then, get the necessary paperwork, fill it out, and submit it.  Finally, do not worry if you have no previous tutoring experience, Bob will train you.  Finally, after you create a schedule, you'll be ready to start helping others.
Name                                          Email Address                  Phone
Peter Ploegman                           pploegman@dom.edu      708-524-6670
Director and Head Writing Tutor
Bern Kelly                                   bkelly@dom.edu             708-524-6682
Head Math Tutor