Facilities Scheduling for Faculty and Staff

Plan and schedule your meeting or event following these 5 steps:


Step 1 – Plan the scope of your event: Determine the size and purpose of your event, including if you will need technology or catering, and what possible dates your event can occur.


Step 2 – Review what else is happening on campus: Review what is scheduled on campus using Astra Online Reservations or contact SES to help you review your dates.


Step 3 – Know your rooms: Familiarize yourself with how rooms should be used and identify the most appropriate location for your event –always try to use a room that best matches your needs (e.g. an enhanced classroom for a presentation requiring a projector and screen).


Step 4 – Request your rooms: Place your room request using Astra Online Reservations. A new page will appear and you will be required to log in with your Dominican user id and password (this is the same user id that you use to log in to your workstation). Follow the directions that will appear in the center of the new form. Requests are generally confirmed within 24 hours, although special or major events may require additional time for review.


Step 5 – Schedule your support services: Support services (technology requests, furniture set-ups, catering and security) must receive your request in time to plan, prepare and staff. Therefore, requests must be received 2 weeks before the event is to take place. Reserving the room only confirms the space and does not guarantee the availability of support services.


Have questions or need assistance? Contact Scheduling and Event Services at (708) 488-5295 or scheduling@dom.edu.
All Student Organizations must work with the Office of Student Involvement to plan and schedule their event needs. If in doubt, contact Scheduling & Event Services at (708) 488-5195 or send us an email and we'll help direct you to the people that will help you plan your event.

Study Spaces for yourself or a group are available in the computer classrooms when not in use for classes or meetings.  Those using the computers must depart the classroom immediately when asked to leave by faculty preparing for an upcoming class, by others who have reserved the room, and by Security personnel.
Computer classrooms include:

003, 004, 114 and 428

002 and 004

111 and 330

Students seeking advance schedule information for computer classrooms can contact DU’s Scheduling & Event Services department by emailing scheduling@dom.edu or by calling (708) 488-5295 (ext. 5295 from campus phones).

Weddings: Students who would like to be wed on campus can contact Dolores Carrizosa for more information.
Dominican University offers many venues for private meetings and events.
For Performing Arts Center venues including the Lund Auditorium (1,170 capacity) or the Martin Recital Hall (180 capacity) call (708) 524-6821 or email dupac@dom.edu for information.
For other event spaces, meeting rooms, conferences and other special events, please contact Dave Carlson
For weddings: Alumnae/i and current students, faculty and staff can contact Dolores Carrizosa
If you wish to inquire about an athletic facility rental please contact Sam Koenig