Active Shooter Drill Information

Be Prepared – watch the Run, Hide, Fight video by clicking HERE.  And another helpful video can be found here.

During the drill:

Faculty teaching class – Review the Run-Hide-Fight video prior to the drill.  This drill is to practice shelter-in-place -- one way to respond in an actual event.  Lock the door if you can.  Could you move tables/chairs to barricade?  Split up and hid from view of the door.  The goal is to not be a target.

Students in class- listen to faculty; share when message is received; cooperate and participate and faculty will direct you.

Students at large – identify options for where you are – would running or hiding be safer? Figure out both in the moment, and evaluate options; be aware of this possible issue. In Residence Halls, close and lock doors.

Staff/faculty in offices – practice what you would do to hide.

Public offices – Practice closing office and hiding; hide/lights/silence phones.

Not on campus – Tell folks in a real situation, they should stay away from campus.