Campus safety is a shared responsibility. There are many things that you can do to make the campus community safer. No campus safety department can function effectively without the concerted assistance of the community it serves. If you are careful, your time at Dominican will be safer. Remember that, in most cases, criminals are as successful as you allow them to be. Don't give them a helping hand or become apathetic.

It Could happen to you!

Be aware of your surroundings, including people. Visualize exit routes from an event or location in case of an emergency. Know safe and direct routes to campus destinations.

Try not to walk alone after dark. If you do, try to utilize well-lit and populated routes on campus.

If you plan to work in a building after normal hours and are concerned about being alone, let the Campus Safety department know where you'll be & when you anticipate leaving.

Keep emergency numbers in cell phone or by your landline phone, including that of your RA, Campus Safety, and Health Services.

Trust your instincts, especially when you feel that something is “not right.”

Be aware of what you post on the internet, especially online social networks like Facebook and Instagram. You can never be sure of who is viewing your personal information or pictures; stalkers, employers, recruiters, or family.

Do not prop open campus building doors, especially residential buildings. Remove props and report the problem to your RA or Campus Safety.

If you notice another person in danger call 911.                      

Do not engage another person who has a weapon or involve yourself in a fight.